Oi*. I'm Daniel Ogawa,
a copywriter/associate creative director for
at TBWA\Media Arts Lab.
But more on that later.

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*Hi, and thanks for visiting. Here's some of the work I'm proud of having done recently.

Freshest out of the oven is a Brazilian Carnaval tribute disguised as a commissioned piece for Apple feat. the incredibly talented Camila Cornelsen teaching folks how to shoot creative cuts on iPhone.

We've also been doing these iPhone spots for a couple years now, which are the Brazilian leg of a whole global thing Apple is doing to get people to switch from their Androids.

Previous to that, I worked on History Blocks, an educational project for UNESCO that uses Minecraft as a teaching tool for kids to study and rebuild war-torn monuments from around the world.

Speaking of kids, I got to realize a childhood dream and bust into a Winnebago meth lab when we shot this Vivo Telefonica spot. We did one with Rafael Nadal too, which the AD enjoyed more than I did because he got to go film in Mallorca.

Later, inspired by the jealousy of looking at his amazing beach pictures on Instagram, we helped Vivo Telefónica be the first cellphone carrier to promote less screen time with these spots featuring a sleepy baby, love at first sight, lazy mornings and one or two other things.

Also, in collaboration with Mesa, we conceptualized, designed, built and opened a gym in 5 days. Working on finding a new angle for a major fitness company to reach a wider demographic, we skipped the ads and came up with a (then) new kind of gym called Nós. It's been doing pretty well, actually.

And while we're on the subject of muscles, we did put some strong shirtless gentlemen on the covers of classic books at Amazon's Kindle Store. Not for fun, unfortunately -- to see if it would increase sales for our client e-galaxia Publishing. Spoilers: it did.

Hi again.
*Hair lenght can vary wildly. Beard lenght, however, cannot.

I'm Daniel Ogawa, a copywriter/ACD currently living in São Paulo, making ads for Apple at TBWA\Media Arts Lab and teaching a class at Escola Cuca.
Before that, I spent ten years working at ad agencies like Africa DDB, mcgarrybowen brasil, Wunderman BR and JWT NY, handling clients such as UNESCO, Intel, Microsoft, Vivo Telefonica, Itaú, LATAM Airlines and a few others.
Having grown up in a Japanese family living in Brazil, I'm either a slightly introverted Latino or a very extroverted Asian. This has no doubt hurt my samba swag, but has also helped me build an appreciation for unexpected points of view -- which I desperately try to find for the brands and causes I work for.

Good agencies, good clients, plus some good luck and a lot of gosh darn good teammates, have resulted in:

Yellow Pencil - Entertainment / Games
Yellow Pencil - Art Direction / For Branded Apps & Games
Yellow Pencil - Art Direction / For In-Game Advertising
Wood Pencil -  Impact / Design / Not for Profits
Wood Pencil - Branding / Digital Brand Expression
Shortlist - Media / Use of Digital
Shortlist - Digital / Branded Apps & Games

Cannes Lions
Silver - Print & Publishing
Bronze - Design
Shortlist - Design
Shortlist - Design
Shortlist - Entertainment

The One Show
Silver - Entertainment
Merit - Design

El Ojo de Iberoamerica
Gold - Digital & Social
Silver - Mejor idea latina para el mundo
Silver - El Tercer Ojo
Silver - Media
Silver - Design
Bronze - Contenido
Bronze - Digital & Social
Bronze - Digital & Social
Bronze - Media
Bronze - Media
Bronze - Design
Bronze - Design/Illustration
Shortlist - Digital & Social
Shortlist - Contenido
Shortlist - Design

Art Directors Club
Merit - Experiential Design

The Drum's World Creative Rankings
79th most awarded copywriter of 2020

Fast Company World-Changing Ideas Awards
Honorable Mention - Education

Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards
Honorable Mention - Apps and Games

The Webby Awards
Nominee - Social Impact

Profissionais do Ano

CCSP (Brazilian Annual)
Gold - Digital/Games
Silver - Integrated Cases
Bronze - Digital/Art Direction
In-Book - Branded Content
3x In-Book - TV, Cinema and Other Screens
Shortlist - Design

Effie Awards
Gold - Companhias de telecomunicações (telecoms)
Shortlist - Companhias de telecomunicações (telecoms)

Brazil's Best Commercial
3x finalist

Lusos Awards
Gold - Promo & Activation
Gold - Direct
Silver - PR
Silver - Digital
Silver - Movie for Web

SIGI Awards
Winner - Movie for Web

Future Lions 2013

Wave Festival
Shortlist - Student

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